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Size: Dimensions:
Business Card 2.5" - 3" w X 1.5"- 2" h
1/4 Page 5" w X 1.75 - 2" h
1/4 Page Vertical 1.75" w X 5" h
1/2 Page 5" w X 3.5" h
Full Page 5" w X 7" - 7.5" h
1/3 Page INSIDE BACK COVER ONLY 5" w X 2.5" h

Ads must be at least 300 dpi at print size. For B&W line art, 450 dpi or higher is recommended.

.tiff or .pdf preferred. .jpg is acceptable ONLY if saved at the highest quality setting.

Online ads are subject to sizing at the webmaster's discretion.

Print ads are subject to sizing within reason. Ads that aren't standard shape and size are the usual reasons.

Meat For Tea is not responsible for poor reproduction of inferior resolution/low-contrast ads,
or for any other reason stemming from the source file(s). Please make sure that color ads
reproduce well in black-and-white.

Please send press-ready ad images to meatfortea@gmail.com with "AD IMAGE" in the subject line.

If you have any questions or would prefer to pay by check, please email.


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