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Peter Urkowitz

Fake Zodiac Signs: An Astro-illogical Guidebook

We are all familiar with the twelve zodiac signs, those powerful constellations among which the sun and moon rotate throughout the year, determining the fates of those born under them, as expounded by the learned astrologers through a process as opaque as it is inexplicable. But it turns out there are other zodiac signs, somewhat more disorganized, that have just as much predictive potency as their more popular cousins. Which is to say, none at all.

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Richard Horton

Richard Horton

Sticks & Bones

“I have to say at this point I think Richard has found an amazing form for his work. These paragraphs, loaded with texture and temperature and personality and sound...this is about an idiosyncratic America...or say, a Midwestern Gothic”

-Beth Filson, Host, Straw Dog Writers Night Out.


Michael Alves

Michael Alves

My Father is Voting for Donald Trump
and Other Reasons My Life is Falling Apart



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